Residential Heating

Residential Heating, Leominster, MA
Residential Heating, Leominster, MA
Residential Heating, Leominster, MA

Hot Water Heating

Hot Water Boilers / Heating

Gas and oil fired hot water boilers – service, installation of new or replacement of old. Call us for information on the best option for your home and budget!

Oil to Gas Conversion

For those that want to get rid of your old, clunky oil tank and have access to natural gas at the street or propane on your property (it can be added – ask us how!), we can gas pipe and install a new heating system that will run cleaner and with higher efficiency.

High Efficiency Systems

Ultimately, with today’s advancements in technology, many heating systems (and water heaters) are very inefficient by today’s standards. We can with recommendations on how to upgrade equipment efficiencies. The cost can be offset by Mass Save programs plus utility savings with more efficient equipment.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heating systems provide the best possible heating system to stand up to the demands of weather, comfort requirements, consistent reliability, and energy efficiency.

They are quiet, dust-free and unobtrusive. Floor drafts, cold spots, and dry air are minimized. Low humidity levels, dust, air contaminants (mold, fungi, bacterium and viruses), all problems associated with forced-air heating, are reduced and in many cases unnoticeable in a home with a properly designed radiant heating system.

Hot water radiant heat warms you and the objects around you instead of the air you breathe as other heating systems do. Radiant heat also assures gentle draft-free circulation in each room of the home.

What Our Customers Say …

“I’ve been using Pierce plumbing and heating for years now. Along with taking care of our household needs, he takes great care and consideration when dealing with our tenants and their concerns. If an emergency develops, I know matters will be taken care of with little burden on the tenants. Highly recommended.”

– Ryan S, Leominster, MA


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