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Our shop is based out of Leominster so this is our backyard. We love our Leominster customers and can assist with all size jobs in town.

We offer all of our services in Leominster:

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Here are a few recent jobs we’ve done in Leominster, including some reviews from customers. We strive to leave every job site as clean as we found it, treat our customers like family, and send polite and helpful technicians all the time.

New Boiler Installation in Leominster, MA

We replaced a customer’s old boiler with a new oil-fired boiler and stainless steel indirect storage tank.

“Jeremy and Jess were super helpful when my family had issues with our heating system during the holidays! They talked me through all the different options available and allowed us to choose what was best for our family and situation.

The Pierce Plumbing team was punctual and updated us throughout the install so we could get our heating system back up and running. They’re amazing and they’ll be my first call for all my plumbing needs from here out.”

– Ben D., Leominster, MA

New Boiler, Leominster, MA

Boiler Repair in Leominster, MA

Nothing glamorous on this one. Customer called because water was leaking out of their boiler and needed quick attention. We replaced the tankless coil mixing valve to get a few more years’ life from this boiler.

Boiler Repair, Leominster, MA

Boiler Replacement in Leominster, MA

This was a steam boiler on a large Victorian 2 family in Leominster that had caught fire and was no longer operable. The call came in October so we needed to act quickly before the temperatures got too low! We were able to assess the situation, order parts and had the new system up and running within a few days.

Boiler Replacement. Leominster. MA

Commercial Bakery in Leominster, MA

We assisted with the build out of a bakery moving into a larger location in Leominster. We piped in new handwashing sinks, a 3-bay wash sink, gas piping to commercial ovens, a new water heater, and floor drains. We love to help out other local businesses!


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